Jeremy Neander

Do Something So You Can Change It

While I haven't practiced this enough, there are times when a particular anecdote comes to mind to spur some action where action is needed.

As the story goes, Gower Champion was a theatre and film director in the 1930s. He walked into a theatre to see the cast standing around the stage, the choreographer sitting in the second row with his head in his hands. Gower asked about what was happening, to which the choreographer replied, "I just don't know what to do next." Without hesitating, Gower told him, "Well do something, so we can change it!"

That's a fundamental idea at Pixar Animation Studios. Granted, this sort of motivator is tailored for the more creative industries. However, the essence of this could be described as "You've got enough to get started. Now get started."

To put it another way - as stated by the late, great Joe Ranft - “Trust the process”.