Jeremy Neander


An Apprentice's Community

Musings on the path of an aspiring software developer

Take Two

Lessons learned from mistakes in application design

Package Principles: Cohesion

An introduction to the first three package principles

Font-face Kits with Rails

Using font-face kits with a Rails 3.2 project

Bowling Game Kata in Clojure

An approach to the bowling game kata using Clojure


A narrative about mistakes and the assumptions which led to them


Things to keep in mind when estimating project stories

Being Humble

Advice for contributing to a professional environment

Team Communication

Avoiding potential pitfalls by keeping a team informed

Do Something So You Can Change It

Helping to spur progress using the words of a famous theatre director


A first encounter with an apprenticeship tracking application

Mapping the Path Between Problem and Solution

A process to help unscramble a problem and realize the solution

Hash Breakage

Discovering that Hashes work best with immutability

Managing Commit Size

Two git commands to aid committing individual ideas

Development Logs

Detailed accounts of activities and decisions as a personal learning tool

Testing Execution Order

Accounting for order-dependent expectations in unit tests

A Few More Things Learned About Testing

Behavior over implementation; extracted classes; and wet assertions

Expanding on the Single-Responsibility Principle

Thoughts on applying SRP to methods as well as classes

Being Wrong and Thinking Right

Thoughts on personal development and feedback

Quick and Dirty TDD

Carrying game development ideas over into test-driven development

do...while vs. braces

Visual consistency with regard to code block delimiters

== vs. eql vs. equals

Thoughts on the subtle differences between these three similar operators

Kata Presentation Feedback

Thinking about improvements for my kata and its presentation

Testing by Mocking Standard I/O

Thoughts on thorough testing using mocks and the console

Prime Factors Kata

The rough first result of my first real assignment

Vim: Hands-on Programming

It might seem like a crazy person's editor, but...


Ruby and the challenge of deprecation and change

Apprenticeship, Day 1

Some thoughts on my first day in the Apprenticeship